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A creative high seas Pride and Prejudice adventure - Book Review | Darcy's Voyage by Kara Louise. @readwithacuppa

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A Creative High Seas Pride and Prejudice Adventure

If Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy marry by Chapter 7, what more could there possibly be to their story? Oh, your in for a treat! There is so much more to be had.

“For one short carriage ride, she enjoyed his presence and he acknowledged her, yet she didn’t even know his name.”
Prologue pg 10, para 6

Within the Leaves of Darcy's Voyage

This work was originally released as ‘Pemberley’s Promise’ in 2007 and published by Lulu Press.

I should also let you know here, that not only am I a fan of Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice, I am going to write my review as if you are as well. 

If you haven’t read the classic, please do and then come back here.

It’s OK, I’ll wait. I have a Cuppa with me.

Hello again. Shall we move on?

We meet both Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy in a post carriage. This is a meeting of happenstance - Elizabeth was returning from a visit to her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner and Darcy had a carriage break down.

They converse in a lively, friendly manner even though no introductions were made.

Two years later they again meet by happenstance, this time however they are both bound on a four week voyage from England to New York aboard the ship Pemberley’s Promise.
As a fan of Pride and Prejudice you can guess who owns the ship. 

Elizabeth had no clue, of course, as she and Mr. Darcy get acquainted during daily walks and other brief meetings during the journey.

Mr. Darcy, who has his own cabin with an empty bed, is shocked by the conditions Elizabeth describes in steerage, where she is berthed.

“There is a young lady down there who has been forced to sleep on the floor after giving her bed to a sick child’s mother. She did not ask me to enquire about this, Captain, but might there be another bed available for her? I would gladly make up the difference in her fare.”
Mr. Darcy, Ch 4, pg 57 para 2

Then when illness starts to spread throughout steerage, Mr. Darcy is greatly concerned for Elizabeth’s health as she tirelessly helps those who have taken ill.

When Elizabeth herself contracts the illness, Mr. Darcy offers her the empty bed in his suite. For his concern, he is promptly slapped across the face (go Lizzy). His proposal however, turns out to be a proposal.

He offers to have the Captain of the ship marry them, so Elizabeth can properly share his cabin, and then have the un-consummated marriage annulled when they both return to England.

Darcy and Elizabeth are betting no one else on the ship will recognize them back in England.
In the final hours before the ship lands in New York there is a misunderstanding due to the shame of one and the boldness of the other.

They part ways in New York without saying a word to each other.

How will they find each other again and settle the affairs of their new, legal marriage?

Now that is a delicious story!

Sweet-Tea Rating for Darcy's Voyage: 

 Sugar Lumps

My own Mr. Darcy gave me this book as a ‘just because’ gift and even that is not the reason it has become a fixture in my personal library. The unique take on the Pride and Prejudice story is well written with enough differences to make it refreshing and yet the characters are still those I fell in love with when I was a Tween.

The Cast:

Elizabeth Bennet is a lively, caring, witty, energetic young woman who is curious about everything and everyone around her. Her playfulness and intelligence allow her to see the positive in the ridiculous and to tease others without offence.

I love that Kara Louise detailed Wickham’s character as the schelp most people think him as anyway. He is still in pursuit of Elizabeth’s younger sister but his sneaky thieving side is written at the forefront.

Caroline Bingley is even cattier in this story than in Jane Austin’s novel and I completely love it.

“I am trying my hardest to get that man to notice me while he is here, and letting him know I think highly of his opinion and totally agree with him is one way to do it!” She looked over at the now empty door. “Besides, Mr. Darcy is most likely aware that while Jane Bennet is here, we might be able to discover all sorts of disreputable information about her family that we shall be able to use against her!”
Caroline Bingley, Ch 17,  pg 261, para 9 + pg 262, para 1

The rest of the beloved cast are the same lovable, quirky folks that were written by Jane Austin.

Character I would most like to share a Cuppa with:

I would love to sit for a cuppa with Edmund Gardiner. Just to get a glimpse at the cleverness of a man who can be all that is proper and gentlemanly one moment, and then pretending to be a sloven drunkard the next.

“Darcy watched in astonishment as Mr. Gardiner tilted his hat askew, loosened his neckcloth, and began to stagger toward Mrs. Younge’s front door.”
Narrative Ch 30, pg 450 para 10, pg 451 para 1

Element Ratings for Darcy's Voyage

Story Flow:

This was a real page turner for me. I did a marathon read the first time around, and still do each re-read. My only complaint is the story feels like it jumps in time, back and forth, every now and then and unless you are familiar with the Jane Austin novel, you may get a little confused.

Nail Biting:

The way Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth find their way back to each other, twice, is a brilliant piece of writing by Kara Louise. The transition from Darcy’s Voyage back to the Pride and Prejudice story line was seamlessly done and felt natural.
Though I knew they would find their way back to each other, the suspense in the “How” had my nails down to the quick, and I didn’t mind the sacrifice.


“ But she knew it was not the fever, but the feel of his arms around her that prevented any rational thought or objection to this course of action to penetrate her mind.”
Narrative Ch 7, pg 98, para 6

“He had never seen her eyes more sparkling and lively than at that moment. “They most certainly are.” At that moment, he felt a leaning in his heart that he wished he did not have to push away.”
Narrative Ch 9, pg 134, para 5

And so, it grows from there.


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I preferred Mr. Darcy as he was written in Darcy’s Voyage to the original character created by Jane Austin.

Yeah, I said it.

Without losing the essence of the original Mr. Darcy, Kara Louise presents a more fleshed out and human version. 

He is shown with humor, caring, concern, discernment, vulnerability and an acceptance of others that makes him so much more masculine than the proud and aloof character Jane Austin wrote him as.

Totally swoon-worthy.

Emotion Coaster:

For most of this story I was content as I read it. Then something would come up and I would feel concern, then content, then happy. Then content, then angry. Then content again. 

This may make the story sound as if it read rather blandly, but it wasn’t that way at all. The emotions between the content were intense. Thankfully, only for a short time and the contentment in between was a nice emotional break.

I really cried during the funeral. It was beautifully written both in the Narrative point of view as well as Elizabeth’s. 

Hot-Tea Rating for Darcy's Voyage: 

The kisses were kind of hot. The lack of physical intimacy actually works against them in this story. Much to Lady Catherine De Bourgh’s delight.

The Last Drop:

A unique angle to the timeless love story that is Pride and Prejudice. Refreshing, well written and bold but still stays true to the heart of the Jane Austin original.

This was the first title I have read of Kara Louise’s Pride and Prejudice fan fiction novels. I have now actively remedied that and you can watch down the road for other reviews.

This one stays in my personal library.

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