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The path of vengence may not be the only path. Book Review | A Storm of Passions by Terri Brisbin. @readwithacuppa

The Path of Vengeance May Not Be the Only Road 

What price is worth paying for the gift of sight?

“Whatever the Seer wanted, the Seer got, be it for his comfort or his whim or his pleasure.”
Narrative, Ch 1, pg 7, para 3

Within the Leaves of a Storm of Passion

In the year 1092, 12 year old Moira of Quinag witnesses the execution and annihilation of her family and everyone in her village.

While she is hiding, she over hears the soldiers mention they were sent by the Seer. With the remains of her Father’s tortured and broken body hanging close by on the mountain path, she vows her revenge.

“I will not cease until every drop of my enemy’s blood is spilled or until I give my own in the trying. On their blood, I swear this.”
Moira, Prologue, pg 3, para 7

Six years later the story picks up again, with Moira working in the laundry at the keep of Lord Diarmid, the Earl of Mull, that she finally had her opportunity to avenge her family... and failed.

The Seer, Connor, was brought to the keep as an orphan by Lord Diarmid and as the Seer, his value to Diarmid is his gift to witness what has passed and foresee what will be each moon cycle. His gift is used by Diarmid to bring other Lords and landowners into his fold.

The moon cycles of his gift bring Conner great pain which can be dulled by a mindless coupling with a parade of different women. Moira finds herself caught scoping out the Seer’s chambers and Connor assumes she is just another body to fulfill his lustful need.

“If she stood by his door, she was likely sent there by Lord Diarmid and for one purpose only.
To sate his lust.”
Narrative Ch 1, pg 5, para 1 & 2

Moira learns about and takes advantage of the toll the sight takes on Connor and attacks when he is blinded. She did not succeed and is brought to Diarmid’s men for punishment. After Lord Diarmid’s men raped, tortured and broke her, she is given to Conner as his slave.

Connor himself is a prisoner, though he does not see it until he and Moira spend more time together. Through his kindness, Moira opens up to him, body and soul, and together they discover many truths of the prison they both find themselves in.

Will Moira be able to forgive Connor for his role in her family's death? Will Connor learn the truth of his gift and his family?

Sweet-Tea Rating for A Storm of Passion:

 Sugar Lumps

I purchased this book because I loved the very first line in the Prologue:

“ The damp fog crept off the sea, moving onto the land and over the hills of Quinag like sticky seagrass.”
Narrative, Prologue, pg 1, para 1

The blurb had already alerted me to a setting of Medieval Scotland, and I could visualize the setting in the description in that very first line. I was hooked.

And I was not disappointed.

The Cast:  

Moira’s all consuming need for revenge at the beginning of the story is understandable. Considering the barbaric time of the middle ages, dealing out death was a normal way of life then. 

As she begins to come back to who she was before the massacre, I found that not only was she kind hearted, but extremely intelligent.

The supporting characters are quite a mix bag. You have men who have only one use for women. Political ambitions and treachery. Servants who are loyal, and those who are bought.

And the Fae. Without whom this story would have no foundation.

Character I would most like to share a Cuppa with:

I would most like to share a cuppa with Agnes. Though she too suffered greatly in her lifetime, she allowed her experiences to make her stronger and she has not lost her capacity for love and empathy. Everyone can use a friend like that.

“You have suffered much more than I did, child. Worry not and give yourself time to heal.”
Agnes, Ch 13, pg 148, par 6

Element Ratings for A Storm of Passion

Story Flow:


The story starts off with a lot of action, then there is a lot of lust filled pages and then more violence and finally a break in the action so the story catches up with it.

Most of the story takes place in Connor’s chambers and branches out to other locales toward the end.

I liked the tempo of this read.

Nail Biting:


There is so much anger and frustration between Moira and Connor that the sexual tension is almost needed to find their way to each other.


“That was her biggest fear right now, that he had not only touched and controlled her body just then, but her soul and her heart, and it had come to pass.”
Narrative Ch 13, pg 155, para 7

“I love you, Moira,” he said, putting his finger across her lips. “Deny me not the chance to say that to you.”
Connor, Ch 19, pg 216, para 8

There are 20 chapters in ‘A Storm of Passion’. Terri Brisbin really knows how to make the “Do they or Don’t they?” question dangle. Even up to the very end I wasn’t certain and I was crying about it!

Lovely piece of writing that.


Connor is not my idea of swoon-worthy fellow when we first meet him in the story. I actually found him a bit of a yes-man.

However, as the story reads on, and for me it was after Moira returned from the farm, Connor started working his way to swoon-able. 

It took me a bit to warm up to him, but I would haply introduce him to a good friend.

Emotion Coaster:


I was so caught in the “Do they or Don’t they?” and the subplot of political scheming. Totally swept away by development of Moira’s character and disgusted by Lord Diarmid’s person, my emotions were everywhere.


Hot-Tea Rating for A Storm of Passion

A large part (forgive the pun) of Connor’s moon cycles is an uncontrollable lust. The graphic descriptions border on the erotica side and there is LOTS of it.

The bed-sport scenes are mainly written in real world English, very little filling in the blanks here.

The Last Drop:

I really enjoyed this book. It is the first title I have read from Terri Brisbin and I am certainly looking forward to reading others. 

I am also vastly interested in meeting Connor’s brothers, whom we meet briefly in ‘A Storm of Passion’.

There isn’t a lot of historical description in this story, but there is a lot of setting description which was done so well I could almost see it. 

I’m going to read this one again a time or two, and then pass it on to my best friend.

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