An Open Letter to the Folks Who Hacked My Wordpress Site

... and an Apology to my Bloglovin and RSS Followers

Before I begin, I would like to apologize to my RSS and Bloglovin followers for the influx of posts coming your way. I have been forced to re-publish all of my posts.

You will notice the graphics and the URLS have changed. I have a good reason for it, read on to find out why. 

I will however take no offence if you choose to stop following me because of it. I understand, I follow blogs too.

I just hope you will forgive me and understand that this is the exception and not the rule.

I am grateful for your interest in Read with a Cuppa and thank you for spending your time with me,

XO Gerry

Dear Mr. or Ms. Hacker,

I suppose I could be lacing this letter with expletives and sending a dark cloud of karma over to you.

But I won’t.

I won’t even mention which country your from.

First Syllable ~ Another word for Hurry
Second Syllable ~ Rhymes with - Eh!

Instead, I have 10 Reasons to Thank You

As a matter of fact, I have many things to thank you for. While I was at the tail end of dealing with a medical concern, I wasn’t keeping my plugins up to date. Shame on me!

1   You proved that it could happen to a little book review blog, with an embarrassingly low readership, and no monetization strategies to make the monthly expenses of running it go away. Thank you for showing me that little blog was worth your time and expertise.

2    I learned a valuable lesson about why it is important to keep my plugins updated at all times. Thank you for teaching me the consequences of slacking on blog maintenance.

3    I also would like to thank you for giving me an opportunity to step back and reevaluate my blogging goals. Granted, it has taken me three years to figure out what I really wanted to say in my little corner of the blogosphere. I can be a little stubborn about trying something until there is a sign I should save my efforts. I truly appreciate the sign.

4    While I was unable to hit Publish, I made some choices that I think steered me in the direction I want to take my little blog. For the opportunity to change direction, I thank you.

5    I also want to thank you for the excuse to meet some of the members of the extremely awesome technical team from my former host platform. It was the first time I had to use them and I appreciate that they tackled your challenge on my behalf. In the end they found you. They really are THAT GOOD.

But by then I had already decided on a few things:

6    I moved my little blog over to the Blogger Platform. So your stunt now saves me money every month that I can use for family things. Thank you.

7    I changed my site, and I think it’s just super pretty. Thank you.

8    I kept my branding. For that, I thank you for allowing me to appreciate, again, what was right in front of me.

9    I simplified my blog template. Thank you for the extra couple of hours a week I can now spend with my boys.

10    The posts I created and could not publish, allowed me to build up a backlog of posts that are ready to go. So now I can just hit Publish and spend even MORE time with my family. I'm not 100% percent certain my family will thank you, but I truly do 🙇

So, at the end of all things, you didn’t accomplish what you set out to do and I now have more time and money to devote to my family. 

I don’t approve of what you did, that level of rudeness can’t be condoned! However, I am selfishly grateful that it happened to me and not to somebody else. 

The rewards were worth the experience.

My Best Wishes that Google shuts you down,