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How to anger Royalty and find true love. Book Review | Love Finds You in Prince Edward Island Canada by Susan Page Davis.

How to Anger Royalty and Find True Love

Don’t piss off the Nobility, especially if he is a Prince. No matter what continent you are on the consequences will follow you. 

 “ You shall be released this afternoon, provided you never set foot in England again,” 
Earl of Washburn Ch 20, pg 272, para 10

Within the Leaves of Love Finds You in Prince Edward Island Canada

This is the first title in the Love Finds You series that occurs outside of the United States.

Molly Orland comes from a local Charlottetown farming family who are barely making ends meet financially. When her Father breaks his leg, she offers to help out by getting a temporary job as a housekeeper at Government House.

Government House is busy preparing to play host to Prince ‘Bertie’, son of Queen Victoria and heir to the throne. Charlottetown, indeed all of Prince Edward Island, is abuzz with great anticipation of the first Royal visit to the island.

While going about her duties, Molly meets Peter Stark, Understeward to the Earl of Washburn, whose job is to go on ahead of the rest of the tour to ensure everything is ready and in keeping with the standards of the Royal Visitor.

“I’m sure Dundas’s household servants are competent, but sometimes these colonists aren’t quite up to scratch.”
Lord Washburn  Ch 10, pg 132 para 6

Though Molly’s family is too poor to get invited to the Royal Ball, her beauty catches the attention of the young Prince who demands that she attend.

Peter, who is also taken with Molly, is determined to ensure that Molly is kept safe from the Prince’s, ummm- flirtations. 

When Peter learns of a connection between Molly’s family and his employer, Lord Washburn, his loyalties are torn between the Earl and his growing attraction and respect for Molly and her family.

“ She’s Orland’s daughter. The Prince has taken notice of the family, Peter. Why did it have to be her? And what am I to do?”
Lord Washburn, Ch 13, pg 162 para 2

Will Peter and Molly be able to find a balance of loyalties or will the secret that binds the Canadian and English families be enough to separate them before they really start?

Sweet-Tea Rating for Love Finds You in Prince Edward Island Canada: 
 Sugar Lumps

Prince Albert Edward shares many personality characteristics with one of my favorite of his Royal ancestors, Prince George Augustus (King George IV) and the Royal visit is a fact of Canadian history.

Both tidbits increased this Canadian’s interest in reading the story.

The Cast: 

Molly Orland is a sweet, hard working girl. Her close knit family was well written which brings great depth to her character, and a realistic context to the story.

The Royal party was written consistent to what I can match with history. The real characters were well researched and integrally ground the setting events. 

The fictional characters were so well fleshed out they could very well have been real.

Character I would most like to share a Cuppa with:

I would to like sit down and share a Cuppa with Deborah.  She’s not a large character in the story but I really enjoyed her cheeky humor.

“ If I had a Prince ogling me and wanting favors, I wouldn’t fuss about it, I’ll tell you that.”
Deborah Ch 17, pg 218 para 10

Element Ratings for Love Finds You in Prince Edward Island Canada

Story Flow: 

The setting based on actual fact, was well researched and accurately described. 

I found the story started out a little slow in the same way that you have to go through the backstory in a movie. However, once you get through the first couple of chapters the rest of the story flowed well and even quickly.

Those beginning chapters, though slow, really put the rest of the story into context.

Nail Biting: 

I was absolutely certain that these two would get together. Not so much by their conversation, but how they interacted together. Very compatible. 

As the story went on though, I was concerned that they may not be able to overcome the huge obstacles that, for the 1860's, were very real factors which could eliminate any hope for happiness.



“Why on earth would anyone wish to climb the social ladder to gentility when such a winsome young woman belonged to the working class?”
Narrative, Ch 5, pg 69

I tried to find a quote in the story of the defining moment when Molly realizes she was in love with Peter. I really couldn’t find one. There was some blushing, gazes in his direction, gazes being avoided (thus the blushing) and the kindness of Liza that hinted at it.

I guess sometimes your heart already loves, before the rest of you figures it out. I find that oddly adorable.


Peter Stark is everything you expect in a gentleman; Polite, handsome, sensible, well mannered. However he also has the added bonuses of hardworking and empathetic. 

I didn’t fall in love with him myself, but I would happily introduce him to a close friend.

Emotion Coaster: 

I felt rather neutral throughout the entire read. I laughed when innocent Molly was caught out with the Prince at the ball and the Prince became rather bold. 

Mainly, I was curious about the tie between Lord Washburn and Anson Orland and found that subplot most interesting.

Hot-Tea Rating for Love Finds You in Prince Edward Island Canada: 

The conduct of Molly and Peter was appropriate and proper for the time frame the story takes place. There is very little heat in this cuppa.

The Last Drop:

Rich in historical detail and atmosphere it was easy to be swept away in the excitement of a visiting Royal.

This is a lighthearted, innocent story which brings the reader back to a time of sentimental simplicity. 

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