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Situation? Definitely Hostile

There is a soul mate for everyone, but what happens when you don't know you are holding your mates soul and you find him?

“Tears sprang to her eyes at the beauty of the tune. So perfect and pure, only to dive into a raucous, offensive noise that made her brain pound in her skull.”
Narrative, Ch. 1, pg. 9, para. 2

Within the Leaves of The Warrior Vampire

Naya Morales is an orphaned member of the Bororo tribe. An ancient, secretive race of shapeshifters dedicated to following the El Sendero energy lines that span the earth with the purpose of protecting the earth's magic against those who would use it with evil intent. 

A natural born and highly gifted enforcer she uses whatever means are necessary to hunt down and trap stolen magic and destroy the tainted human host who has possessed it.

Following an internal discordant music, which helps identifies her prey, she is lead to Ronan Daly. A vampire who will challenge her to question everything she has ever known about her tribe and her purpose.

But when evil beings show up at an alarming rate endangering both Naya’s home and people, she puts aside her conflicted feelings on whether or not to kill this Ronan or entertain his claim that she is his other half. For now.

“She returned his soul to him, made him whole in an instant. Whether or not she knew it, this female was his.”
Narrative, Ch. 1, pg. 19, para 4

Ronan can’t deny his soul is tethered to Naya, nor can he convince her it’s real. Knowing Naya is bound by duty to kill him, he assists a reluctant Naya with her vital hunt and discovers that her quest is entwined with his - to find his twin sister who went missing while searching for an ancient vampire relic.

Naya’s patriarchal clan doesn’t approve of her partnering with Ronan to find the answers for both their quests. The Council has demanded that she be mated to one of her own tribe and accept her rightful place as mated property.

“You will be mated to Joaquin. The sound of Paul’s voice as he laid down his mandate still bounced around in her head. On the night of the blood moon, you will give yourself to him.
Narrative, Ch. 4, pg. 39, para. 4

Can Ronan and Naya discover the source of the evil that is spreading rapidly, find his sister and overcome the cultural obstacles to their soul-tethered love?

Sweet-Tea Rating for The Warrior Vampire: 

 Sugar Lumps

The first line of the blurb had me putting this book in my basket:

“The vampire was built for sin, every inch of him tight and bulky with corded muscle.”
Back Cover, Line 1

I’m married, not dead... Sold!

The Cast: 

Naya Morales has a strong sense of who she is. She is fully aware of her strengths and her weaknesses. This vulnerability lends a depth to her character that is relatable and grounds the story. 

Naya’s cousin Luz is training to become the next tribal bruja. She loves the duty that she was born into, but not the patriarchal society that dictates to it. 

Rebellious with a great sense of fun and adventure, Luz has a knack for stepping outside the bounds of her culture to do what she feels is the right thing. 

As Chieftain of the Bororo pod, Paulo - Paul - is a staunch guardian of the patriarchal system that has ruled the tribe for centuries. 

Santi Molina is Naya’s trusted friend and tribal keeper of the malicious magic that she harvests. He is as close as family to Luz and Naya, and because he loves them as such, he tries his best to keep their independent streaks under control.

Character I would most like to share a Cuppa with:

I would like to sit and share a cuppa with Manny Esparaza.

A human who is sensitive to magic, he bravely volunteered to be used as bait when Luz and Naya hunt the mapinguari, the monsters infected humans become. 

“Well, looks like I can cross ‘act as demon bait’ off my bucket list.” 
Manny, Ch. 30, pg. 295, para. 1

Element Ratings for The Warrior Vampire

Story Flow: 

The world Kate Baxter builds is rich in unique histories which blend the worlds of vampires, the Borono and humans seamlessly while still managing to keep them mostly unknown to each other. 

Story progression is smoothly done and builds the romantic and menacing tension in a way that completely sucked me in and kept the pages turning. 

We find some of the characters we met in the first book of the series ‘The Last True Vampire’ make a return to carry on the main plot line of the series. These are blended in seamlessly and are an integral part of Naya and Ronan’s storyline.

Nail Biting: 

*** Spoiler Alert *** Skip the next two element ratings if you prefer a spoiler free review. Just scroll down to Swoon. 

The mating bond of vampires is serious business! When a vampire is first created, their soul leaves them and is only tethered back to them when they find their true soul mate.

This is explained in the beginning of the story shortly after Naya meets Ronan, so there was no need for nail biting.


“He’s my Mate. Our souls are bound. I love him and I dare anyone to try and come between us.”
Naya, Ch. 35, pg. 346, para. 3

“Gods, how he loved an assertive female.”
Narrative, Ch. 32, pg. 320, para, 6

Naya and Ronan are a tethered soul pair and as such are bound together for eternity. Good thing they fell in love!


I was intrigued by the first line of the blurb and Ronan only got hotter as the story went on. 

His loyalty to those he loves is unwavering. He has a brilliant mind for strategy and tactics, both of the battlefield and romantic variety. Though he is confident in who he is as a warrior, he is not as comfortable with who he is as a man.

Naya summed up his qualities best:

“ I know you don’t think so, but you’re a very selfless male Ronan. You sacrificed your body for your king and your friend. You sacrificed your memory and possibly -“ Naya broke off abruptly as though the words were too painful to say. “- your life to find your sister. Your brave. A male worthy of admiration and love.”
Naya, Ch. 24, pg. 242, para. 4

I’d love to admire him. Swoon...

Emotion Coaster: 

I was caught up in the rich histories and well fleshed out world Kate Baxter built. The emotional aspects of all her characters felt like I was riding this emotion coaster with friends.

My disgust at the motivations of the villain in this story came to the fore before I knew who the villain was. Boy, was that a mind twist which completely took me by surprise!

I was riveted from Chapter 1 to Chapter 37 and had a bookish hangover at work because I just couldn’t put it down.

Hot-Tea Rating for The Warrior Vampire: 

This book is so HOT, I’m surprised it didn’t turn to flame in my hands. 🌋

This is not simple, mindless animal coupling either. The bed sport scenes are not just physically written, but we as the reader are brought into the heightened emotions of both Ronan and Naya as they are taking place.

I need to fix me an iced tea.

The Last Drop:

*** Be Aware *** If the F-bomb and other cuss words offend you, give this book a pass. The language will be foul to some, but is used in a way that emphasizes the tough attitudes of the characters in the story. 

The Vampire Warrior can easily be read as a stand alone book, but contains enough to catch you up and intrigue you with the main series plot line started in the first book of this series, ‘The Last True Vampire’. 

A thrilling blend of shamanic culture, vampiric lore, and scorching-hot bed sport. If you love hotly romantic, action packed and dramatic vampire tales, I highly recommend adding ‘The Vampire Warrior’ by Kate Baxter to your TBR.

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