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Mr. Bingley in Love with Elizabeth Bennet!

“I have enjoyed getting to know your sister, Miss Elizabeth, as well. She is lively, witty, and such delightful company.” He laughed. “And she loves to walk!”
Mr. Bingley, Ch. 11 , pg. 113, para. 2

Within the Leaves of Chance and Circumstance

While out on one of her regular walks, Elizabeth Bennet meets her newest neighbor, Charles Bingley.  He is kind and lively, not to mention handsome and everything a young gentleman aught to be.

Elizabeth can’t wait for her sister Jane to get back from visiting the Lake Country with their Aunt and Uncle Gardiner to tell her all about Mr. Bingley. However, Jane’s return has been delayed by the Gardiner’s to give Jane a chance to spend more time with the son of acquaintances of theirs.

But when Mr. Bingley’s good friend Mr. Darcy comes to visit him at Netherfield, he meets more regularly with Elizabeth and finds he is growing an attachment to the same woman as his friend.

“Each encounter with this young lady evoked a stronger conviction that she was more suited to him than he could have imagined possible.”
Narrative, Ch. 6, pg. 59, para. 2

A love triangle always leaves someone hurt and alone. Or does it?

Sweet-Tea Rating for Chance and Circumstance: 
 Sugar Lumps 

This book has been on my TBR since last December and it was about time I bought it for myself!

Most Pride and Prejudice variations follow the same route - Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy meet, they have a falling out, they get together, then they ride out, sail out, run off or drive into the sunset together.

Chance and Circumstance is so much more than Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam’s story. Other loves abound, without which there would only be a partial story.

As a reviewer I am in a bit of a conundrum. What do I say without giving the story away?

One thing I will most definitely say is, if you are a fan of all things P & P do not pass this one by! I made a Pemberly’s Promise to myself to write a spoiler free review without making things too vague.

I would be interested to hear from you whether or not I succeeded in the comments below.

The Cast: 

Elizabeth Bennet - A lively, intelligent young lady and such a good walker. She meets Mr. Bingley while walking on Oakmount and the sparks fly.

Jane Bennet - A sweet, endearing young woman who, while traveling the Lake Countries with her Aunt and Uncle, has her heart most agreeably engaged by a curious young man.

Mary Bennet - A bit of a prim and a prude. Her beauty is kept hidden so deeply she is at a loss when there is a reason to bring it out. That’s what sisters are for!

Charles Bingley - A lively, kind and active man, he has an eye for beauty and keeps himself so busy that letter writing is more of a chore than a pleasure.

Fitzwilliam Darcy - What kind of friend is he to fall for the same woman?

Jacob Marshall - A practical fellow with a plan.

Character I would most like to share a Cuppa with:

I would like to sit down and share a cuppa with Miss Anne de Bourgh. Though she tends to keep quiet and let her Mother do the talking for her, she can be quite opinionated when she does speak for herself. How unexpected!

“She said she had no reason to fear what others would think of her because she had lived with derision her entire life.”
Mr. Darcy, Ch.26, pg. 265, para. 1

Element Ratings for Chance and Circumstance

Story Flow: 

I am tempted to say Chance and Circumstance read through slow. But I cannot.

The truth of it is, that there were many plot twists throughout the story that, curious me, wanted to know the outcome before I got to it! I was utterly glued to the pages to see what happened.

Like a country dance, the partner you start out with is not always the one you have in the middle and the one you have in the middle is not the same partner you have in the end.

Despite the many changes throughout the story, they were presented in a way that naturally and sensibly progressed. It was my own impatience to find out What and Who that was not so sensible!

Nail Biting: 

I really need to invest in fake nails that are not so easy to bite through.

Elizabeth’s love is not the only one to root for here. There is Jane and Mary Bennet, as well as Charlotte Lucas. Love abounds in Merryton and I bit my nails through it all.



“How could she not have realized it? It was suddenly very clear to her. She was in love...”
Narrative, Ch. 22, Pg. 225, para. 3

Elizabeth's Fellow:

“The look he gave Elizabeth assured her of his continued love and admiration for her.”
Narrative, Ch. 26, Pg. 268, para. 5

Though the love of Elizabeth Bennet is the main focus of the book, it is not the only one. All of the couples we follow in this book have an excellent chance at their happily ever after. 


Ahhh... the plot thickens and we now have more gentleman in which we can swoon over. Surely there is one among them with traits that will appeal to you.

Charles Bingley - A man who puts the woman he loves on a pedestal and ensures her every delight has been attended to.

Jacob Marshall - A very practical sort who treats his wife as a partner.

Fitzwilliam Darcy - Protective, honest, giving and wealthy. He shares in his wife’s interests with true passion.

Richard Fitzwilliam - Brave, patient, loyal and enduring. He is not one to stray from his chosen path.

Just who did each of these dashing gentleman marry? I will not say, but I will tell you with a certainty it was not I!

I suppose I should mention that there is also a bride found for Mr. Collins, the Parson of Rosings Park. But I just can’t find anything about him to swoon over. So I had to knock it from a 5 to a 4.

Emotion Coaster: 

I was totally caught up in the excitement of first love and the many different paths it can take. Restless anticipation plagued me while following those different paths and discovering alongside with the characters that they can have many branches and roots to stumble over.

I was happy, confused, cheering and stunned as the story rolled along and the many couples eventually sorted themselves out.

Most of all I was happy, that at the end of all things, the unflappable bindings of sisterly love and friendship proved to be the strongest relationships of all.

Hot-Tea Rating for Chance and Circumstance: 

There is some kissing however the heat in this story is all emotional, and at the same time does not lack anything for it.

The Last Drop:

Chance throws twists and turns throughout the book, creating a variety of circumstances which kept me intrigued and guessing.

A suspenseful, edge of my seat love story that truly tested my resolve not to peek ahead. And... I loved it!

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