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Thank you for visiting Read with a Cuppa. Please read this before sending a review request:

Read with a Cuppa welcomes review requests. It’s always exciting to see what is coming up for everyone to enjoy.

I accept hardcover, paperback, audio-books and electronic copies in PDF or EPUB formats. I don’t currently use a phone or e-reader, just a laptop for electronic viewing.

The stories accepted must be Romantic in either the historical, contemporary, fantasy, paranormal or young adult genres. That makes a lot of room for love!

This is an integral review blog. As such, if your story is liked - I’ll say so. If your story is not liked - I’ll say so. It is important that you understand that it is the story being reviewed, not the Author. In saying so, if you are not pleased with a review, feel free to say so by sending an email through the contact page.

I reserve the right to decline any review request or material sent at my own discretion, and cannot promise to meet any deadlines other than my own. All reading is done during my free time.

Please note, that if your review request is not responded to within 14 business days it means that I am not interested in your story at that time, and life has simply prevented my response.

A Quick Note to Independents: I am not a Proofreader! Please send review requests only for works that have been professionally edited. If I feel I am reading my way through a work that needs proofreading, I will contact you with a pricing quote for the service and happily become your Proofreader when you sign my contract, and pay me upfront.

How Stories are Rated

Sweet Tea:

I drink my tea and coffee with a lot of sugar lumps. The sweeter the better. More often than not, I also add a little extra icing sugar to my coca to give it extra richness and sweet. So the more Sugar, the Better! The Sweet-Tea rating is my overall view.


DNF - I didn’t finish it. Someone forgot to add sugar to this Cuppa and I found it bitter enough to put it down.

1 Sugar Lump -  I had to take it in little sips. I managed to get to the end of it, but I was sure glad when it was done. I won’t be recommending it.

2 Sugar Lumps - I was bitter sweet about this one. It was OK and I powered through it because there was a little something there that caught my attention. But it was not sweet enough for me to try it again.

3 Sugar Lumps - A good sweetish cuppa. I can taste the sweetness there and kept going because it was pleasant enough to the palate. Though this book is not my preferred cuppa, I will look for other titles from this author.

4 Sugar Lumps - A honeyed, almost sweet perfection. Just a sugar lump short. I really liked it and I’ll read it again a few times before donating it or giving it to a friend.

5 Sugar Lumps - A confection perfection, the Perfect Cuppa! Super sweet, just the way I love it. It has found a spot in my personal library.

Elements of the Story

Story Flow: Did the story develop at a forward pace that kept me reading - Higher Rating - or did I need to skip some pages to move forward - Lower Rating?

Nail Biting: Is the tension that kept the hero and heroine from recognizing and realizing they are falling in love believable - Higher Rating - or petty - Lower Rating?

Swoon: Did I fall mad rush, dazzlingly, free falling in love with the Hero - Higher Rating - or was I tempted to set him up with someone from out of town - Lower Rating?

HEA: Happily Ever After. Did the couple get to know each other on a deep enough level that their love story will remain - Higher Rating - or do I think they will eventually end up in Divorce Court - Lower Rating?

Emotion Coaster: Did this story make me cry, laugh, angry, wet - Higher Rating - or did it make me feel neutral throughout - Lower Rating?

Hot Tea Rating

I’m married, but I am not dead. I don’t mind my fantasy Hot-Tea a little on the scorching side. 

Tepid: Sweetness and Light

Luke Warm: Mainly touching and kissing. The physical aspect is implied, while the emotional aspect is detailed.

Warm: Some graphic description, but you need to fill in the blanks

Hot: Descriptions are more graphic or anatomical and things may get a little more involved than just intercourse.

Scorching: Ohhh Baby! You may need to let your Cuppa cool after reading this.

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