Grab yourself a cuppa, settle in for a coze and stay for the read...

Welcome my Friend. My name is Gerry and I have an addiction... I love to read. If you are here then I bet you love to read too. 

Though my favorite subject is historical romance, I like to get myself lost in any story that can keep my interest. If I like a story, I’ll tell you here and if it didn’t keep my interest, I tell you that as well.

About Gerry...

In a past blogging life, I was a frugal living blogger and found that I would often have my nose buried in a book rather than writing my next post. I love blogging, but knew my focus had to change. Now I have the best of both worlds.

I can share my love of reading (and expressing opinions) with like minded friends and invite you to share your opinions too. We may have to agree to disagree, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still can't get along.

I love to learn something new from each book, whether it be an insiders view of a career choice, a different cultural perspective or the history of a different time and place. Each book offers a window of something I don’t see first hand in my little corner of the world.

20 Questions with Gerry...

1. Favorite Book: I don’t have one favourite, sort of, however I always have a copy of The Complete Novels of Jane Austin on my bookshelf.

2. Favorite Fictional Character: Scarlet O’Hara - strength, determination and vulnerability all in one neat little package.

3. Favorite Music: I am a huge fan of Nickelback. Yep, proud Canadian! I love the way Chad screams out a good song. I enjoy multiple genres: Country, Jazz, Full Metal Jackie, Christmas Albums and Techno anything.

4. Favorite Hobby (after Reading): Scrap and Alter booking. I love hobbies that tell a story.

5. Favorite Junk Food: Mars Bar

6. Favorite Movie: BBC’s 1995 Version of Pride and Prejudice

7. Favorite Video Game: Anything in the Final Fantasy Series, though I am choosing to reserve my opinion on XIII for now.

8. Favorite Musical: Singing in the Rain

9. If I could sit down and chat with anyone, who would it be? Miss Oprah Winfrey. I would like to thank her for showing the women of the world that no matter where you start out, you can get yourself where you want to go.

10. My dream Vacation Get-away: New Zealand; I think it would be a great place to hang out with a fly rod.

11. Favorite Teacher: Mr. Huber, from High School. He had a way of making history come alive and still be relevant.

12. Favorite Spectator Sport: Hockey - Go Flames!

13. Favorite Outdoor Activity: Hiking

14. Favorite Childhood Book: I read all 56 of Caroline Keene’s original Nancy Drew series. I still read the newer ones every now and then.

15. If I had a Super Power, what would it be: The ability to manipulate matter.

16. Favorite Holiday: Halloween

17. Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

18. Favorite Time Period in History: Regency Period England

19. Favorite Ballet: Nutcracker Suite

20.Least Favorite House Chore: Dusting

* Pinky Swear *

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Freely use the links as a research reference for any products I mention in my posts. If I don’t love it, trust it, or use it, I won’t link to it. (That goes for source linking as well.) If you do choose to buy from any affiliate links, Thank You Kindly. Any commissions earned help to support the Read with a Cuppa site.

Integrity Matters!

Read with a Cuppa is an integral review site. That means if we don’t like a book we will say so and respectfully tell you why. Please don’t send hate mail if we post a negative review of your book. The opinions expressed are not about you as a person, they are the reviewers personal opinions about the work being reviewed.

Though most books are personally purchased, there may come a time when review copies are offered. When this is the case the source will be identified. Reviews will not be influenced by the fact that the book was a gift.

I’m not one who holds back at Christmas with my family either. I have a lot of practice being honest, yet kind, about asking for the gift receipt for another ugly sweater from my Auntie. We still remain very close.

If you are offended, please use the contact form to let us know. We welcome open discussion.

Thanks for being here. 

Now go grab a book, find your favourite place to coze and take some time to just slip away and enjoy.