Rating System

How Stories are Rated

Sweet Tea:

I drink my tea and coffee with a lot of sugar lumps. The sweeter the better. More often than not, I also add a little extra icing sugar to my coca to give it extra richness and sweet. So the more Sugar, the Better! The Sweet-Tea rating is my overall view.


DNF - I didn’t finish it. Someone forgot to add sugar to this cuppa and I found it bitter enough to put it down.

1 Sugar Lump -  I had to take it in little sips. I managed to get to the end of it, but I was sure glad when it was done. I won’t be recommending it.

2 Sugar Lumps - I was bitter sweet about this one. It was OK and I powered through it because there was a little something there that caught my attention. But it was not sweet enough for me to try it again.

3 Sugar Lumps - A good sweet-ish cuppa. I can taste the sweetness there and kept going because it was pleasant enough to the palate. Though this book is not my preferred cuppa, I will look for other titles from this author.

4 Sugar Lumps - A honeyed, almost sweet perfection. Just a sugar lump short. I really liked it and I’ll read it again a few times before donating it or giving it to a friend.

5 Sugar Lumps - A confection perfection, the Perfect Cuppa! Super sweet, just the way I love it. It has found a spot in my personal library.

Elements of the Story

Story Flow: Did the story develop at a forward pace that kept me reading - Higher Rating - or did I need to skip some pages to move forward - Lower Rating?

Nail Biting: Is the tension that kept the hero and heroine from recognizing and realizing they are falling in love believable - Higher Rating - or petty - Lower Rating?

Swoon: Did I fall mad rush, dazzlingly, free falling in love with the Hero - Higher Rating - or was I tempted to set him up with someone from out of town - Lower Rating?

HEA: Happily Ever After. Did the couple get to know each other on a deep enough level that their love story will remain - Higher Rating - or do I think they will eventually end up in Divorce Court - Lower Rating?

Emotion Coaster: Did this story make me cry, laugh, angry, wet - Higher Rating - or did it make me feel neutral throughout - Lower Rating?

Hot Tea Rating

I’m married, but I am not dead. I don’t mind my fantasy Hot-Tea a little on the scorching side. 

Tepid: Sweetness and Light

Luke Warm: Mainly touching and kissing. The physical aspect is implied, while the emotional aspect is detailed.

Warm: Some graphic description, but you need to fill in the blanks

Hot: Descriptions are more graphic or anatomical and things may get a little more involved than just intercourse.

Scorching: Hot, HOt, HOT! You may need to let your Cuppa cool after reading this.